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About Spartan Partners

Spartan Partners is a commercial real estate advisory firm based in Dallas, Texas. Our mission is to create success stories and build lasting relationships with our clients and strategic partners. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, small tech start up, or an established company; we want to learn more about your organizations goals and objectives and what we can do to become a trusted advisor to your company.

What We Do

01.  We Listen

A clear understanding of a clients vision is imperative to any successful transaction.  An in depth needs assessment allows us to “get inside your organization” and educate ourselves on what makes your company unique.

02. We Analyze & Simplify

We systematically analyze each project and customize a strategic plan of action that aligns with the clients business objectives.

03. We Streamline a Strategy

We make it easy for you to understand where we are in the process at any given time, where we are headed, and how we plan to get there.

04. We Secure Results

This is what it’s all about, right? We don’t over promise, we don’t under deliver… we get the job done right the first time.



Spartan Partners advises the “End-User” or the “Occupier(s) ” of commercial space. Simply put, we work with TENANTS, BUYERS, SELLERS, and INVESTORS. Our energy and passion is directed to assisting small and mid-sized companies that are often overlooked and severely under-serviced in our industry. We understand the challenges and obstacles that are unique to start-up’s, technology companies, and other industries that have much more volatility and a higher need for flexibility and protection from real estate related risks. We focus on a handful of industries in specific submarkets in the DFW Metroplex. We primarily works with Office and Industrial users and our areas of expertise are as follows:

Don’t Stress Over Real Estate

Given the complexity of today’s real estate markets, how do you know that you’re getting a good deal? How do you analyze current and future space needs? How do you weigh priorities, track market opportunities, compare solutions – all in a dynamic industry far from your core competency and expertise? We are here to help.

Prioritize Business Drivers

Collaboration with you and your team focusing on the tough questions yields a foundation for a successful strategy. Spartan advisors arm our clients with the knowledge and expertise needed to make the important NEED vs. WANT decisions.

Responsive Expert Advice At Your Convenience

We understand that time is your most valuable asset and yours is best utilized focused on increasing revenues and growing for your company. Responsive  communication strengthens the foundation of any project and ultimately provides our clients with confidence and clarity throughout the entire simplified and streamlined process. 

Strategy Comes Next

Every deal is different – no two deals are the same. That is why each client is provided unique strategies that align with the specific goals and objectives of their organization. Creating a clearly defined responsive strategy is critically important.

First We Listen

We believe that a full understanding of our client’s goals, challenges, and business objectives is the most important step towards a successful project Identifying and evaluating real estate strategies specific to a client’s industry and competitive landscape ensures the most productive and cost-effective working environment possible.

The Spartan Process

Spartan Partners and the team selected work with your organization throughout the entire life cycle of the transaction – from initial concept through occupancy. Our Partnership and commitment to providing value to your company doesn’t end.


  1. Do We Know What We Have?
  2. Do We Have the Space and Flexibility We Need?
  3. How Do We Optimize What We Have?
  4. Are We Prepared for Changes?
  5. Are We Measuring Performance?





    What You’ll Experience

    True Communication

    There can be no exceptions here… You’ll experience clear and consistent communication throughout the process

    Responsive Dedicated Experts

    Time is always of the essence. You’ll experience professionals that respect the value of time and the importance of timely responses

    Accountability And Transparency

    We offer solutions, not excuses. You’ll experience truthful and candid professionals that understand the meaning on Integrity.

    Streamlined And Simplified Transaction

    We break it all down for you. Our job is to limit the time and energy you spend on real estate. You’ll experience a partner that never stops looking for ways to make your life easier.

    A True Partnership

    Our ultimate goal is creating clients for life, one transaction at a time. You’ll experience how much we value your business by delivering results and exceeding your expectations

    Savings you’ll see:

    • Occupancy cost savings
    • Space reduction savings
    • Design standards savings
    • Transaction cost savings
    •  Administrative cost savings
    • Asset utilization savings
    • Company resource savings
    • Time savings

    Don’t Just take Our Word For It…

    The partnerships we’ve created with our valued clients is our core asset. Our discipline and passion for excellence in every area of service to our clients is what fuels our success. Our clients confidence and trust are the foundation of our company.