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Our process is focused on how we can provide value at every stage of a clients requirement. Our team is by your side from concept through occupancy, saving you time and resources throughout the life cycle of any transaction. Our core discipline is listening to our client’s needs and creating strategies and a plan of action that ultimately meet and exceed expectations. WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS?
#01. Strategic Planning

The strategic phase of the real estate process offers the greatest opportunity to maximize cost savings and generate lasting benefits. Communication – “We listen first” – a full understanding of your business goals and objectives is the main focus here. This is the time that key decisions have to be made and we collaborate to form a common Vision. Spartan Partners formulates and delivers customized solutions designed specifically for you.

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#02Transaction Management

Effective transactions reduce operating and occupancy expenses, establish a competitive advantage, and provide valuable flexibility. This is the time that Spartan Partners focus on securing the most aggressive economic package while mitigating risks to our clients. Whether you lease or own real estate , expanding, relocating, consolidating, or looking to renew or restructure existing leases; we will provide you with the tools and expertise to succeed.

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#03. Project Management

Spartan Partners creates successful projects through providing value added expertise and management from concept to occupancy; delivering projects on time and within budget. Proven defined strategies and single-point accountability ensures a projects success. We allow you to focus on your company’s core competencies during a potentially disruptive process. We manage and control the entire move process with our unique resources.

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What Spartan Partners Will Do For You?

Reduce Operating and Occupancy Expenses

Our clients savings often exceed 15-20% of their current real estate costs. Identifying key areas of waste and focusing on efficient space utilization improves operations and significantly reduces our clients bottom line.


Provide Expert, Conflict-Free Advice

Our moral and fiduciary responsibility is to our valued clients 100% of our energy is directed towards maximizing value we provide to our clients. We only represent one; Your side – You’ll experience true partnership with Spartan Partners


Reduce Exposure to Real Estate Related Risks

Strategically leveraging our experience and market knowledge allows Spartan Partners to “levels the playing field” for our clients. We reduce risk and limit exposure through tenacious negotiations that result in Tenant friendly vs. Landlord driven contracts. Ultimately providing flexibility and economically favorable terms every client.

Increase Profitability

The result of a sound real estate strategy, coupled with functional and flexible workspace ensures that you’ll spend less on real estate while enjoying an environment that fosters collaboration and increased productivity across your organization.